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(498) AROUND THE WORLD WITH FANNY HILL (1970) Shirley Corrigan
(498) AROUND THE WORLD WITH FANNY HILL (1970) Shirley Corrigan

original Swedish title JORDDEN RUNT MED FANNY HILL [Around the Earth with Fanny Hill]

director: Mac Ahlberg
starring: Shirley Corrigan Peter Bonke Christina Lindberg Gaby Fuchs Bo Brundin

Don't expect anything close to a faithful an adaptation of John Cleland's notorious 18th Century 'Fanny Hill' erotic novel [nor the quirky LADY CHATTERLEY VS FANNY HILL rendering, either]. Rather, this is a contemporary story of a woman on the road to sexual discovery. It all begins when Fanny asks her best friend Monica to help catch husband Roger in the act of cheating. He's an advertising director, always surrounded by beautiful women [including a frisky model played by a young Christina Lindberg (see pic, upper RIGHT)]. Inevitably, they catch him and divorce follows. So then, once neglected - and impossibly naive - Fanny is free to join Monica on a sexual adventure around the world that starts in Los Angeles and ends up in Munich. Between those two sin gothams, the young women also visit Venice and Hong Kong [where Fanny inexplicably passes for Asian (see pic, upper CENTER)]. Meanwhile, her ex-husband - now enraptured by Fanny's newfound sexuality - is hot on her trail.

Leading actress Shirley Corrigan was born of a Swedish mom and British dad in the '50s. She spent most of her early years in the UK but soon traveled the world for show business, headlining on the Brazilian stage with Augusto Boal in The Theatre of the Oppressed. Shirley found herself in Calcutta in 1966 where she worked with Mother Teresa for 4 years (tending to children with cerebral palsy). According to Shirley, it was Mother Teresa who encouraged her to go back to Rome to continue her acting career. Among her early screen roles were the Spaghetti Western BLINDMAN, DEVIL WALKS AT MIDNIGHT and CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT. She is probably best known for starring with Paul Naschy in DR JEKYLL AND THE WOLFMAN. In 1979, Ms Corrigan was almost killed by an obsessive stalker in a car accident. This incident led to her leaving the movie business. Shirley now lives in South London where she teaches and prepares children for prep school.

As mentioned previously, this is a very early film for (future) Swedish sex queen Christina Lindberg. She is best known for THEY CALL HER ONE-EYE, EXPOSED: DIARY OF A RAPE, IT HAPPENED IN STOCKHOLM plus two Japanese pink films SEX AND FURY and INTERNATIONAL SEX STAR IN TORTURE HELL.

A Swedish film in English language; widescreen, (92 minutes) in DVD encoded for REGION ONE NTSC, playable on any American DVD machine;
Extras include selected theatrical trailers.

Nudity/Drugs/Orgies/Mild Violence
Recommended for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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