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(496) METAMORFEIS [Transformation] (1973) Greek Hippie Rarity
(496) METAMORFEIS [Transformation] (1973) Greek Hippie Rarity

Extremely Rare!
starring Greek Starlet Dora Sitzani

original Greek title METAMORFEIS [Transformation or Awakening]

director: Yannis Kokolis
starring: Dora Sitzani Vangelis Kazan Rita Bensousan Evi Triantafilou Ilias Logothetis

As the new free-love, hippie movement begins to take root in the Greek youth culture, two carefree girls - Margarita and Rinio - try to enjoy their lives to the fullest in Athens. When Margarita's square younger sister Katerina comes to stay for the summer, the girls decide to teach her how to have fun in the naughty new permissive playground. However, the three get mixed up in some dark situations [i.e., rape parties] without recognizing the dire consequences until too late.

While most of the film is breezy flirtatious fun, things turn quite dark at the end. Essentially, similar to other Euro films from the "culture-in-turmoil" hippie period (i.e., SEX AND THE ANGELS, THE RAGE WITHIN, CRISTINA SCANDALOUS COED, VICIOUS AND NUDE, et al), this becomes a cautionary somber tale, condemning that which it originally exploited for the lion's share of the film. Dora Sitzoni is quite good; the screen crackles from her engaging personality. She was married to popular Classical composer Manos Loizos. Her career came to an abrupt halt in 1982 when her husband died from a stroke [at age 42] during a Music Tour in Russia. Dora Sitzoni never recovered from his death. She essentially quit the Entertainment business and went into seclusion. Ms Sitzoni died at her home in Kastela Greece, June 2007, at age 59.

A Greek film with English subtitles; original fullscreen format (4:3),
uncut version at 90 minutes, encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC,
playable on any American machine; in English language.
Extras include Tribute to Dora Sitzani
plus various Dora trailers.

Rape/Semi Nudity/Sexual Brutality/Drugs
For Adult Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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