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(495) WINTER VISITOR (2008) Dark Argentinean Horror
(495) WINTER VISITOR (2008) Dark Argentinean Horror

"A Masterpiece. The best Argentine horror film in history."
--Carla Vallejos, critic

original Argentinean/Spanish title VISITANTE DE INVIERNO [Winter Visitor]

director: Sergio Esquinazo
starring: Santiago Pedrero Sandra Ballesteros Diego Alonso Ana Guerdo Catalina Artusi

Richard Laymon was one of the great contemporary Horror authors (1947-2001). In his novels, he would often mix the main plot with extraneous - equally horrific - terrors [ie, in Quake, the shocking devastation of a massive California Earthquake is a backdrop for the mania of a serial rapist/killer]. Director Sergio Esqinazo delivers a conceptually similar horror project here. The main character, 22 year old Ariel, moves with his sister and recently divorced mom to the small seaside village Villa Mar after his 'psychiatric episode' (and attempted suicide) in Buenos Aires. Ariel spends much of his day, quietly, spying on the neighborhood with a telescope. One day, he notices that young boys are being taken to an old house nearby. He even watches as one child attempts to escape but is dragged back inside. Is this happening for real? or is it only a figment of his damaged mind? Ariel decides to investigate and go inside the house where he discovers grisly 'evidence' of murder and cannibalism. But, due to his medication and previous bouts with reality, nobody will believe him. Nobody, except his new girlfriend Marisa. And she agrees to help him collect evidence. Meanwhile, four young village thugs - one of whom has the hots for Marisa - decide to make life a living hell for newcomer Ariel and the 'village whore.'

This is the debut film for director Sergio Esquinazo, but he has aligned himself with a most impressive group of cinema veterans, many from other recent remarkable Argentinean horror productions including WHITE COFFIN, RESURRECTION, LAST GATEWAY, SONRIE and the truly exceptional MASSACRE TONIGHT.

An Argentina film, Spanish with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; fullscreen format,
uncut version at 96 minutes, encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC,
playable on any American machine; Extras include theatrical trailer.

Graphic Violence/Rape/Semi Nudity/
Sexual Brutality/Cannibalism/Drugs
For Adult Audiences

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