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WOMB GHOSTS (2010) Dennis Lau's Abortion Thriller
WOMB GHOSTS (2010) Dennis Lau\'s Abortion Thriller

Haunting Begins When Life Isn't Given a Chance to Start

director: Dennis S Y Law
starring: Chrissie Chow Suet Lam Koni Lui Lok-Yi Lai Jo Kuk

Here is a dark look at miscarriage and abortion, Hong Kong style. It is believed that if a fetus dies inside a woman's body, that "being" will continue to to exist as a Womb Ghost. Further, unnatural termination of life turns the ghost into the most evil and most vicious spirit in the universe. The story takes place inside a mental hospital where a mysterious miscarriage cause a Womb Ghost to wreck havoc.

This highly controversial film stars veteran actor Suet Lam, born in Tianjin, China, 1964. Since 1989, he has appeared in 200+ film including most of the Johnnie To blockbusters (i.e., THE MISSION, ELECTION, TRIANGLE and EYE IN THE SKY. Mr Lam also starred in Herman Lau's CAT III horror film GONG TAU.

A Hong Kong film, Cantonese with English subtitles; widescreen (2.35:1),
uncut (90 minutes) in DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC,
playable on any American DVD machine; Extras include selected trailers.

Violence/Adult Material:
Recommended for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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