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(486) CLEOPATRA: WHORE QUEEN OF EGYPT (1970) with Sonora
(486) CLEOPATRA: WHORE QUEEN OF EGYPT (1970) with Sonora

also known as NOTORIOUS CLEOPATRA (Edited Version)

director: Peter Perry Jr (as A. P. Stootsberry)
starring: Loray White (as Sonora) Johnny Rocco Jay Edwards Dixie Donovan Ty Hamilton

Caesar has grown tired of Rome's orgy scene. So he sends Marc Antony to bring Cleopatra, the queen of Eygpt, to him for new sexual stimulation. However, once Antony arrives at the Nile, he falls in love with Cleopatra and he begins scheming with her to replace Caesar on Italy's throne. But he does not realize that Cleopatra has her own agenda and it doesn't involve him.

Peter Perry was a Grindhouse producer/director in the Untied States as early as 1956, when he made FLESH MERCHANT. For 20+ years, he helmed numerous films but he's probably best known for his YOUNG CYCLE GIRLS in 1971. This project was obviously made in answer to the 'Cleopatra' craze following the Elizabeth Taylor / Richard Burton blockbuster. Italian sleaze director Rino Di Silvestro also made EROTIC DREAMS OF CLEOPATRA around the same time, as did French filmmaker Jean-Perre Garnier with his KLEOPATRA: JOY AND THE PHARAOHS. Of all the exploitation versions of the Cleopatra legend, the most accurate is probably Piero Pierotti's steamy QUEEN FOR CAESAR.

An American film in English language; fullscreen format,
fully uncut (94 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT;
extras include selected trailers.

Adult Material/Nudity/Violence/Lesbianism/Orgies/Sexual Brutality
Recommended for Mature Audiences

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