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(479) BLACKER THAN THE NIGHT (1975) Carlos Enrique Taboada
(479) BLACKER THAN THE NIGHT (1975) Carlos Enrique Taboada

original Spanish title MAS NEGRO QUE LA NOCHE [Blacker Than The Night]
also known as DARKER THAN NIGHT

director: Carlos Enrique Taboada
starring: Claudia Islas Lucia Mendez Helena Rojo Susana Dosamantes Alicia Palacios

Ofelia is a young woman who inherits a mansion from her deceased aunt. However, there is one important condition: she must take care of the aunt's black cat. Ofelia is down-on-her-luck financially, so she accepts the inheritance without hesitation, inviting her three closest friends to live with her. The house also comes with Sofia, an old maid who had taken care of the aunt. Upon their arrival, Sofia quickly tells the girls that the cat is the 'owner of the house and they need to watch after him.' Of course, these self-centered girls ignore the warning and have little regard for the cat, even removing the animal from his bedroom. One day, the cat is found dead (for no apparent reason) and all hell breaks loose in the house.

Carlos Enrique Taboada is often called Mexico's best horror director. He made 20 films between 1965-89, most of which were rarely in the States. Filmmaker Guillerno del Toro said "Toboada was the single most influential director in his life, especially citing the superb BOOK OF STONE as inspiration for his own Pan's Labyrinth. Most Taboada films deal with horror from a child's 'innocent' perspective, perhaps best illustrated by the award-winning POISON FOR FAIRIES. Here - with older cast members - he deals with a more corrupt narrative [similar to his decidedly adult DRIFTER IN THE RAIN]. Arguably, Mr Taboada was better known for his scriptwriting, delivering 80+ films [1951-1997] including the classic WITCH'S MIRROR and HELL OF FRANKENSTEIN. He died from a heart attack in April 1997, at age 67.

A Mexican/Spanish film with English subtitles; widescreen format,
(96 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT.
Extras include bios, filmographies and trailers.

Sale Price: $17.50
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