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(477) DJANGO KILLS SILENTLY (1967) George Eastman
(477) DJANGO KILLS SILENTLY (1967) George Eastman

German title DJANGO TOTET LEISE [Django Kills Silently]
Italian title BILL IL TACITURNO [Bill the Silent Killer]

director: Massimo Pupillo (as Max Hunter)
starring: George Eastman
Liana Orfei Edwin G. Ros Peter Hellman Giovanna Lenzi (as Patricia)

A textbook example of a Spaghetti Western from director Massimo Pupillo with genre star George Eastman as the mysterious stranger, Django [more closely resembling the avenging angel DJANGO THE BASTARD than Sergio Corbucci's original DJANGO character.

When Linda visits her boyfriend's ranch, she finds him dead, killed by a bunch of Mexican outlaws who also attempt to rape her. But Django comes to her rescue. Afterwards, he continues his journey to a nearby town. When he attempts to check into a hotel, Django stumbles upon a staggering massacre. Everyone in the hotel has been slaughtered by town boss El Santo and his lunatic brother. The townspeople convince Django to "represent the law" and stand up to them. But everything gets complicated when Django discovers the bad guys are actually Linda's brothers.

After starring in numerous peplums [HERCULES, SAMSON AND ULYSSES] and horror films [MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN], sisters Liana and Moira Orfei naturally migrated to the booming world of Spaghetti Westerns. They were first discovered as a knife-throwing circus act by composer Berto Pisano (best known for his haunting score to Joe D'Amato's DEATH SMILES AT MURDER). Director Massimo Pupillo will always be remember for putting Mickey Hargitary in red leotards for the S&M thriller THE CRIMSON EXECUTIONER (Bloody Pit of Horror).

George Eastman (born Luigi Montefiori in 1942) started acting in the early '60s and made 65+ films - under a variety of pseudonyms (including John Cart, Alex Carver, Lew Cooper, Gabriele Duma, Richard Franks, Louis London, Gigi Monte and Tom Salina) - before his retirement in 2004. Before joining Joe D'Amato's stable in the mid '70s, he was best known for his Spaghetti Westerns, BLOOD AT SUNDOWN, HATE THY NEIGHBOR, VENDETTA AT DAWN (et al). After joining Joe D'Amato's troupe, Eastman began also began co-writing the scripts (ie., HARD SENSATIONS, SEXY NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD and ANTHROPOPHAGUS) in addition to starring in the films. He also directed METAMORPHOSIS for D'Amato's company in 1990.

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