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Desire (1986) Rare Erotic Thriller from Fan Ho
Desire (1986) Rare Erotic Thriller from Fan Ho

director: Fan Ho (sometimes Ho Fan)
starring: Lu Hsiu-Ling Huang Chung-Kun Lee Tsung-Shen (as Jonathan Lee) Lin Rui-Yang

This is an effective Taiwanese melodrama from director Fan Ho, telling the story of Daisy, a sheltered girl who falls victim to the insistent sexual seduction of a charismatic young man, Fan. After attending a party at the home of a wealthy friend named Ping (she is celebrating her brother's return from Medical School in the States), Daisy allows her aggressive boyfriend Fan to take her home. It turns out that her protective mother is away [at church, actually] and Fan pushes his way into Daisy's bedroom. He convinces her that his intentions are honest by promising to marrying her. She agrees to Fan's advances. Meanwhile, the young doctor from the States - his name is Shek-Fai - is now working as an intern at the local hospital. He's also smitten for Daisy and attempts to date her. She wants nothing to do with him until he mentions that his sister Ping is now engaged to Fan. Poor Daisy is taken by surprise; she never realized that Fan was even cheating on her. Now, on the rebound, she starts dating Shek-Fai and within a short time agrees to marriage. But their life together is totally overshadowed by the constant sexual tension from her [now] bother-in-law Fan

Fan Ho began his career as an actor with Shaw Bros Studios in the early '60s, starring in many of their big budget fantasies like CAVE OF THE SILKEN WEB and NA CHA AND THE SEVEN DEVILS. He began directing films in the early '70s and for twenty-five years concentrated mostly on earthy stories with an erotic twist. This motion picture is generally considered one of his best projects. In 1995, Fan Ho retired and relocated to Hollywood California, later moving to San Jose. He died in June 2016 from chronic pneumonia at age 78.

A Taiwanese Chinese film with English and Chinese subtitles; fullscreen format,
uncut 81 minutes; DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT.
Extras include selected trailers

Adult Material/Nudity/Violence/Sexual Themes
For Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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