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(461) ANGEL OF FIRE (1992) Controversial Mexican Scorcher
(461) ANGEL OF FIRE (1992) Controversial Mexican Scorcher


Original Mexican/Spanish title ANGEL DE FUEGO

director: Dana Rotberg
starring: Evangelina Sosa ˇ Roberto Sosa ˇ Lilia Aragón ˇ Marta Aura ˇ Alejandro Parodi


In a miserable fringe-of-society circus, young trapeze artist Alma has become the focus of the show. But she is basically talentless, relying on flares and fire-flashes to wow the meager audiences. However Alma is cute. And she has a nice body. Her father - quickly approaching the twilight of his life - is a clown called Bumble Bee. He's on a decline that began years before after his wife left him. Now Alma warms his bed in an incestual relationship. He dies. The girl discovers that she's pregnant. The circus manager - knowing a pregnant Alma is of no use to him - demands that she have an abortion. But the strong-willed girl decides to leave the circus instead. Wandering about, she joins a traveling Evangelical group of puppeteers who use bible stories for the street shows. The leader is Sister Refugio and she's grooming her ['free from sin'] son to become a new messiah. Sister Refugio convinces Alma to cleanse her soul and redeem herself. But the torturous penance causes her to lose the baby, leading to a massive Apocalypse.

This controversial film won numerous awards - including Best Picture - even though it was banned and unseen in many Mexican counties. While conceptually similar to the earlier BLOOD ENEMY, this one is rather uncompromising in it's depressing tone. Essentially, the message here is everything and everybody is fucked. Female director Dana Rotberg was a documentary filmmaker who made few feature movies.



A Mexican film in Spanish language with optional English subtitles;
original widescreen format, totally uncut at 95 minutes, ALL REGION NTSC,
playable on any American machine; extras include theatrical trailers

Violence/Nudity/Incest/Sexual Brutality:
for Mature Audiences only


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