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Mallika (2010) Hindi Ghosts and Nightmare Mayhem
Mallika (2010) Hindi Ghosts and Nightmare Mayhem

original Hindi title: MALLIKA [Jasmin]
also known as BEAUTY AND FEAR

director: Wilson Louis
starring: Anjum Nayar (as Sheena Nayyar) Sammir Dattani Mamik Singh Suresh Menon


Tormented by nightmares, a woman experiences more horror when she goes to relax at a resort. Specifically, Sanjana is unable to sleep and suffers from realistic, recurring nightmares of a woman being murdered. She decides to take a vacation - to get away from her environment for a while - and heads out to Fort Khejarta in rural Jodhpur. On the way, her car breaks down but Sanjana is rescued by an environmental researcher named Saahil. Upon arrival at the resort, she happily surprised by the few people staying there, seemingly because of the off-season. There is only photographer Maddy, Simmi a model, resort manager Chandar and caretakers, Vikram and his wife, Maya. She soon becomes irritated with Simmi, especially after the model takes photos of her without asking permission. Then frequent power outages put Sanjana on edge, followed by continuation of the same frightening nightmare. But that's only the beginning as Sanjana starts seeing a ghost that resembles her and people around her get mysteriously killed.

Here is a film, remarkably similar to another Hindi movie HOME STAY, with the exception that it does not reveal anything [no explanation, no back story - in fact - no logic] to the viewer until the final 15 minutes. Prior to that point, this can be a very frustrating ride, not unlike a very disturbing, lingering dream. But, incidentally, there are some spectacular special effects along the way from filmmaker Wilson Louis, best known for his FX work in projects like 6-5=2.


An Indian/Hindi film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; widescreen format,
uncut (105 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT

Sexual Situations/Graphic Violence
For Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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