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SWORDSMAN Trilogy (1990-93) 3 Films | Jet Lee & Brigitte Lin
SWORDSMAN Trilogy (1990-93) 3 Films | Jet Lee & Brigitte Lin

Three award-winning films based on the classic Chinese novel
"The Wandering Swordsman" in a specially priced three DVD Package.

#1 SWORDSMAN (1990) [above]
director: Tsui Hark King Hu Ann Hui Ching Siu Tung
starring: Jacky Cheung Sam Hui Cheung Man Yuen Wah
A classic story of love, honor and betrayal as a fabled warrior battles
the forces of evil to protect the secrets of an ancient scroll.
Widescreen Version (16:9) English 113 Minutes Tons of Extras

#2 SWORDSMAN 2 (1992) [above]
director: Tsui Hark
starring: Jet Li Brigitte Lin Michelle Reis Waise Lee
A sinister dictator has gained control of the sacred volume but he must change his gender to harness its power.
Widescreen Version (16:9) English 108 Minutes Tons of Extras

#3 SWORDSMAN 3: EAST IS RED (1993) [above]
director: Ching Siu Tung
starring: Brigitte Lin Joey Wong Yu Rong Kwang
A swordswoman named Snow attempts to pave the way for Asia the Invincible's return to power in fragmented China.
Widescreen Version (16:9) English subtitles 97 Minutes

Sale Price: $29.50
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