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AKA Serial Killer (1969) Masao Adachi Eccentric Documentary
AKA Serial Killer (1969) Masao Adachi Eccentric Documentary


original Japanese title: RYAKUSHO: RENZOKU SHASATSUMA

director: Masao Adachi
producer: Koji Wakamatsu    |    narrated by: Masao Adachi


Here is the story of 19 year old Norio Nagayama, a serial killer using the same gun in different parts of Japan to kill four men. This movie is almost a documentary. Except there's no investigation, no cops collecting evidence, and no interview with the killer. The entire story is told through an environmental study: film as a landscape. It meticulously follows killer Norio Nagayama's path, from where he grew up to everywhere he went before committing the crimes.

Masao Adachi was a long-time assistant director and scripter for filmmaker Koji Wakamatsu, working together on such pink classics as VIOLATED ANGELS. It is believed that Wakamatsu's preoccupation with left-wing resistance movements - especially the Red Army, the oppression of the Palestinian nation and the Japanese underground - strongly influenced Adachi. In 1969, he decided to become a full part of the 'United Red Army' and moved to Beirut for twenty years. Before his relocation, Adachi made this film. Today - while the movie is still considered eccentric and a major departure from the documentary format - it is recognized as a significant contribution to Japanese cinema and the introduction of the Fûkeiron style [Landscape Theory of Documentary Filmmaking].

Mr Adachi continued writing scripts for Koji Wakamatsu from Palestine [under the name Izuru Deguchi] including POOL WITHOUT WATER. He returned to Japan in 2007 and lives today in Tokyo.



A Japanese film with English subtitles; fullscreen format, uncut (86 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras includes selected trailers.

For Mature Audiences

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