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(443) MERRY-GO-ROUND (1981) Joe Dallesandro & Maria Schneider
(443) MERRY-GO-ROUND (1981) Joe Dallesandro & Maria Schneider


original French title: L'ENGRENAGE [Gear]

director: Jacques Rivette
starring: Joe Dallesandro · Maria Schneider · Danièle Gégauff · Sylvie Matton · Françoise Prévost


Elizabeth sends telegrams to her old boyfriend Ben in New York and to her younger sister Leo in Rome, asking them to meet her in Paris where she is selling her dead father's estate. When Ben and Leo arrives, a mysterious adventure begins.

After years of beefcake and nudie photography jobs under the name Little Joe in Los Angeles, Joe Dallesandro moved to New York City in the late 1960's where he did exclusive work with Andy Warhol's "Factory" and its director Paul Morrissey. He was the inspiration for Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side, in fact the third verse of that song is all about "Little Joe." Warhol, anxious to expand his motion picture influence beyond Greenwich Village, arranged for Morrissey and Dallesandro to shoot two horror films in Italy in the early '70s, FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN (aka Andy Warhol's Frankenstein) and BLOOD FOR DRACULA. Once there, Joe Dallesandro discovered he had a ravenous International following, fans that accepted him as a real movie star and not a kitsch underground gay stud (in fact, at this time, Joe was married to Teresa and had fathered of two children). He opted not to go back to New York City and the fabricated life style there. Instead, Joe Dallesandro stayed in Europe for a decade, where he made 17 cutting-edge cult pictures including Walerian Borowczyk's LA MARGE (The Streetwalker) with Cilia Kristal, the vicious SAVAGE THREE, Fernando Di Leo's MADNESS: VACATION FOR A MASSACRE). However, when asked which was his favorite movie was from this period, Joe cited Serge Gainsbourg's JE TAIME where he plays a gay garbageman in love with boyish Jane Birkin. Today, Dallesandro is in his mid '70s, living in the family home in Pensicola Florida.

This is generally considered one of Maria Scheider's top films. She is best known for starring opposite Marlon Brando in Bernardo Bertolucci's Last Tango In Paris, a film she made at age 19. Ms Scheider hated director Bertolucci for tricking her into making that film [she claimed the racier scenes where not in the script and that she had been raped in the movie]. After that experience, Maria refused to ever do another nude scene. Many genre fans also point to René Clément's SCAR TISSUE as "must see" Maria Scheider motion picture. She died from cancer in February 2011 at age 58.

According to filmmaker Fancois Truffaut: "Jacques Rivette is one of cinema's greatest directors, responsible for the advent of New Wave Cinema." This praise was mostly a response to his classic arthouse film Celine and Jullie Go Boating (1974). That film is often referenced in heady discussions about art, philosophy and cinematic depth. His next project, DUELLE turned out to be nothing like Celine and Julie. But rather, an eccentric contemporary tale of a battle to the death between two goddesses. Mr Rivette died from Alzheimer's, January 2016 at age 87.



A French film with English subtitles (and much English spoken), fullscreen,
uncut 152 minutes, DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC FORMAT

Recommended For Mature Audiences


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