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Shiver (2003) Billy (Red to Kill) Tang directs
Shiver (2003) Billy (Red to Kill) Tang directs


original Hong Kong/Chinese title: SAM HON
also known as VISIONS OF DEATH

director: Billy Tang
starring: Francis Ng · Athena Chu · Nick Cheung · Tiffany Lee · Patrick Tang · Hui Sui Hung


A scary and bloody journey into paranormal chills. Sammi, the wife of a model police officer, gets shot accidentally. After her recovery, she begins hallucinating about horrific, gruesome crimes. Then, to her surprise, these frightening visions actually begin to happen in the real world. Soon she is convinced that the gory "daydreams" are a message from the netherworld, a message that forces her to uncover a shocking secret that forever changes her relationship with her husband...

Director Billy Tang (Hin Sing Tang) began his astonishing career with a string of legendary category III films, DOCTOR LAMB, RUN AND KILL, BROTHER OF DARKNESS, and, the 'watermark' for the genre, RED TO KILL. He later turned to edgy horror/thrillers (INTERACTIVE MURDERS and DIAL D FOR DEMONS) before diving into Hong Kong television production in 2016.

Anthony Wong, in an interview in Asian Cult Cinema magazine #30, was asked "Who are the best actors now in Hong Kong?" He answered: "For the kind of movies I make, Francis Ng." He is an actor's actor. And a good performance can always be expected from him. The same is true for this film. While he may not be a familiar name to many genre fans, Francis has been busily making a truckload of movies-- 200+ since 1982! These include SEXY AND DANGEROUS, WICKED GHOST, INFERNAL AFFAIRS, EXILED and WO HU.



A Hong Kong/Chinese film with optional English subtitles, widescreen,
uncut 89 minutes, DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC FORMAT.
Extras include original trailer and making of.

Violence/Gore/Sexual Brutality
Recommended For Mature Audiences


Sale Price: $17.50
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