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(404) PUSS BUCKET (1991) two Christians on a Mission for Jesus
(404) PUSS BUCKET (1991) two Christians on a Mission for Jesus

Original American title PUSS BUCKET

director: Lisa Hammer (as Lisa Houle)
starring: Terrence Fleming Doc Hammer Giana Cammarota Brian Sullivan

Here is the notorious, seldom-seen movie about two dimwitted God-fearing Christian friends visited by the Virgin Mary (actually a space alien) who asks them to "Kill and collect puss for Jesus." One night, two religious|maniac zealots, - Judas and Corned Beef - are visited by space aliens, Madeline Virbasius and Dion. Virbasius, disguised as the Virgin Mary, tells them to kill people for Jesus and drain the puss from their heads, bringing it back to hovering spaceship. Judas and Beef go their mission, hoping to collect as much puss as possible in their bucket for the Virgin Mary (hence the title). Oh yeah... there are also aging strippers and musical numbers. A little something for everyone?

An American/USA film in English language; fullscreen;
uncut 106 minutes; NTSC DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION,
playable on any American DVD machine. Extras include theatrical trailer.

Graphic Violence/Nudity/Adult Sexual Themes
for Mature Audiences Only

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