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(347) KING OF THE GORILLAS (1977) directed by Rene Cardona Jr
(347) KING OF THE GORILLAS (1977) directed by Rene Cardona Jr

Original Mexican/Spanish Title: EL REY DE LOS GORILAS [The King of the Gorillas]
also known as GORILLA'S KING

director: Rene Cardona Jr
starring Hugo Stiglitz · Peggy Bass · Jorge Graham · Martin Espinoza · Carlos Camacho


Here is a rather unconventional variation of the Tarzan story, produced years before it became vogue again with expensive projects like Bo Derek's Tarzan The Ape Man (1981) and Greystone with Christopher Lambert in 1984. This one is particularly different from Edgar Rice Bourrough's traditional story as it spends the first half of the film with the orphaned child showing how the infant was found and adopted by apes (not gorillas, incidentally) and how - as a boy - he grows to become an accepted member of the ape tribe, evolving into the 'Great White Ape' legendary king of the jungle. When Europeans learn of his existence, an expedition is mounted to find this "missing link."  But this is NOT the usual Tarzan. Here [probably closer to reality] Hugo Stiglitz plays him as a feral beast, with beard, ratty hair and utterly no social skills.
   Director Cardona [not to be confused with his his father Rene Cardona, also a prolific Mexican filmmaker] made 100 movies between 1964-2002. He is best known for GUYANA: CRIME OF THE CENTURY and TREASURE OF THE AMAZON both of which also featured Hugo Stiglitz. Mr Cardona died from cancer at age 63 in 2003.


A Mexican/Spanish film
with English subtitles, fullscreen format, (96 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC FORMAT; extras include selected trailers


Nudity, Primal Violence, Sexual Brutality
Recommended For Mature Audiences

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