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(344) LUXURE (1976) XXX Max Pecas directs | Karene Gambier
(344) LUXURE (1976) XXX Max Pecas directs | Karene Gambier

This is an Adults Only Motion Picture containing Hardcore XXX Scenes
The film and the images on this page are intended for Age 21 and Older!


original French title LUXURE [Luxury]
also known as SWEET TASTE OF HONEY

director: Max Pécas
starring: Karine Gambier (as Karine) ˇ Richard Darbois ˇ Pierre Danny ˇ Corinne Lemoine ˇ Charlie Schreiner


Director Max Pecas is a filmmaker of extraordinary talent. His movies look amazing and are intricately detailed [notice an example of his subliminal artistry in the screenshot above, as the car emerges from a 'penis' backdrop]. But Max should not be considered a porn director. This is only one of two. Most of his movies - while decidedly erotic - fall into the softcore category. Perhaps that's why this film is considered "One of the Top Ten XXX Movies of All Time" (LA Times) as it is not a typical Hardcore production, but rather plays like a real motion picture.

Loosely based on Alain Resnais's art-house hit Last Year At Marienbad, here is the story of a wealthy heiress, Laure (stunningly played by Karine Gambier), who is heartbroken after her husband leaves her for another woman. She drives to a resort hotel - where she and Jack had spent many happy vacations together - with the purpose of committing suicide. However, her plans change when she meets Peter and Ursula, a honeymoon couple, who decide to include her in their love-making sessions.

As mentioned previously, Max Pécas was a French filmmaker who concentrated on dramatic softcore exploitation films. He is probably best known for I AM A NYMPHOMANIAC with Janine Reynaud. In the mid '70s, he briefly flirted with Hardcore (XXX), but returned to mainstream cinema after relocating in Germany where he helmed a variety of fun-in-the-sun sex comedies like HOT DOGS ON IBIZA. Max Pécas died from cancer at age 77, February 2003.



A French film in English language; widescreen, uncut (84 min.)
in DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include selected Adult trailers.


Hardcore (XXX) Scenes/Male and Female nudity/Sexual Brutality
For Adult Audiences Only 18+

Sale Price: $17.50
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