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(339) PANTHER WOMEN (1967) Elizabeth Campbell 'Las Luchadoras'
(339) PANTHER WOMEN (1967) Elizabeth Campbell \'Las Luchadoras\'

original Mexican/Spanish title LAS MUJERES PANTERAS [The Panther Women]

director: Rene Cardona
starring: Elizabeth Campbell · Ariadne Welter · Yolanda Montes (as Tongolele) · Eric Castillo · Manuel Valdes


Violence is unleashed in the city, culminating with the murder of Professor Rafael Petra. The Wrestling Women [Golden Rubi (Elizabeth Campbell) and Loretta Venus (Ariandna Welter)] investigate the death of their friend. They are joined by macho police captain Arturo Diaz, his assistant Leocadio and a mysterious masked superhero/crime-fighter named El Ángel. The villain (or more correct, the villainess) is evil witch Satanasa who worships dark powers with her cult in a secluded cave. She hopes to resurrect a zombie that will eliminate the bloodline of her sworn enemy, members of the Pietra family. One of her followers is Tongo, a nightclub performer, who transforms into a diabolical were-panther to kill a security guard and eat a little girl's pet bird. Eventually, Las Luchadoras organize a wrestling match between themselves and the Panther Women, but the opponents turn into monsters mid-match, capture the aforementioned little girl and take her to Satanasa's lair.

This film - virtually unavailable in the United States - is the sequel to WRESTLING WOMEN VS THE AZTEC MUMMY, made by the same team of director Cordona and writer Alfredo Salazar. They often worked together, having previously delivered such legendary Mexican fare as BAT WOMAN and Santo's VAMPIRE AND THE SEX. Filmmaker Rene Cardona was the godfather of Mexican exploitation, probably best known for HORRIPILANTE BESTA HUMANA (Night of the Bloody Ape) but making 145 films between 1925-82. He is the father of director Rene Cardona Jr and the grandfather of Al Castor (Rene Cardona III). Mr Cardona died from cancer in April 1988 at age 82.

Sidenote: The masked wrestler El Ángel, was not a professional Luchador. He was actually stunt/actor Ángel Di Stefani who played the Aztec Mummy in WRESTLING WOMEN VS THE AZTEC MUMMY.



A Mexican/Spanish film, with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; fullscreen, uncut (87 min.),
in DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include selected Mexican theatrical trailers.


Violence/Sexual Themes/SemiNudity
Suggested for Mature Audiences

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