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(330) SPIES KILL SILENTLY (1966) Mario Caiano | Lang Jefferies
(330) SPIES KILL SILENTLY (1966) Mario Caiano | Lang Jefferies

Original Italian Title LE SPIE UCCIDONO IN SILENZIO [Spies Kill in Silence]

director: Mario Caiano
starring: Lang Jefferies Emma Danieli Erika Blanc Andrea Bosic Jose Bodalo Mario Lanfranchi

Blonde beauty Jane Freeman is found stabbed to death in the swimming pool. She's the daughter of a scientist who was mysteriously warned his daughter would die unless he gave up his research. Secret agent Michael Drum investigates and soon finds a madman named Rashid trying to control the world by using a special drug that brainwashes people into becoming mindless murderers. His plan is to eliminate the world's leading scientist to stop progression of any kind.

Mario Caiano began directing [most Peplums] in the late '50s after working with numerous filmmakers as scriptwriter and assistant director. He made also made numerous successful Spaghetti Westerns but was best known for helming the Barbara Steele horror film LOVERS FROM THE TOMB (aka Nightmare Castle) in 1965. He would often use an alias, usually Alen Grunewald or William Hawkins. As Hawkins, he made NAZI LOVE CAMP 27, his last movie before delving into the more lucrative television venue. For 30 years, Mr Caiano directed an array of Italian TV movies and mini-series projects, stopping only once in 1988 to helm Klaus Kinski's NOSFERATU IN VENICE. Unfortunately, after a major disagree-ment with Kinski, he was fired. Mr Caiano died September 20, 2015 at 82 years.

An Italian film in English Language, widescreen format, uncut (85 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NETS FORMAT; extras include selected trailers

Violence, Sexual Brutality
Recommended For Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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