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(331) GLADIATOR OF MESSALINA (1965) Umberto Lenzi directs
(331) GLADIATOR OF MESSALINA (1965) Umberto Lenzi directs

original Italian title L'ULTIMO GLADIATORE [The Last Gladiator]

director: Umberto Lenzi
starring: Richard Harrison Marilu Tolo Philippe Hersent Lisa Gastoni Livio Lorenzon Jean Claudio

During a territorial war in England, the Roman army [under the command of Emperor Caligula] ravish the British survivors, killing the men and capturing the women for Rome brothels. However, Caligula takes notice of a noble warrior named Glaucus and - seeing him as perfect for the gladiator arena - Caligula decides to spare his life. Glaucus is brought back to Rome, along with other hostages including girlfriend, Ena. A short time later, Caligula is assassinated by political rebels anxious to restore dignity to the Roman Republic. Claudius becomes the new ruler. Messalina, the beautiful but sinister wife of Claudius, concocts a plan to remove her husband from the throw and replace him with her lover, Silio. Messalina forces gladiator Glaucus to help her in this scheme by threatening harm to the enslaved Ena.

This was an early project for Italian director Umberto Lenzi, followed by his spy movies (KRIMINAL, SUPER 007, et al), giallos (SPASMO, SECRET KILLER, et al), crime films (MILAN HATES CRIME [Almost Human]) and, of course, his seminal cannibal films (DEEP RIVER SAVAGES, EATEN ALIVE BY CANNIBALS, CANNIBAL FERROX). Mr Lenzi directed MEAN TRICKS with Charles Napier before retiring from the movie business 1992. It would be his final film. After writing a series of murder mysteries set in the 1930s and 1940s involving real-life characters of the Italian film industry (his last novel Cuore Criminale was released in late 2016), Umberto Lenzi died from heart failure in October 2017 at age 86

An Italian Film, English language version; fullscreen, uncut (93 min.), in DVD format,
encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include original theatrical trailer

Violence/SemiNudity/Sexual Brutality
For Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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