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(326) MURDER ME, MONSTER (2018) Argentinean horror
(326) MURDER ME, MONSTER (2018) Argentinean horror


original Argentinean title MUERE, MONSTRUO, MUERE [Kill Me, Monster, Kill Me]

directed by Alejandro Fadel
starring: Victor Lopez · Esteban Bigliardi · Tania Casciani · Romina Iniesta · Sofia Palomino


Rural police officer Cruz investigates a bizarre case of a headless woman's body found in a remote region near the Andes Mountains. David - the husband of Cruz's lover Francisca - becomes the prime suspect and is sent to a local mental hospital. But David blames the ghastly crime on an inexplicable and brutal "Monster." Cruz doesn't know if the creature exists or not, but while investigating more grisly murders take place. Soon, he stumbles upon a mysterious theory involving geometric landscapes, mountain motorcyclists and a phrase: Murder Me, Monster.

This Argentinean movie won numerous awards at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, resulting in International notoriety. Ultimately, it's a love-it-or-hate-it experience. Rightfully, many critics have called it "The monster movie that David Lynch would make." While being excessively brutal, very gory and undeniably misogynistic, the film manages to dwell in metaphors while finding strength in an allegorical, symbolic foundation. Alejandro Fadel is a relatively new director who enjoyed a scripwriting career before taking the big chair. His approach to horror is a combination of the metaphysical with gender violence and machismo. He strongly benefits from the extraordinary cinematography of Julián Apezteguia and Manuel Rebella.



An Argentinean/Spanish film with English subtitles; Uncut (109 minutes),
in DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include original theatrical trailer.


Graphic Violence/Nudity/Strong Sexual Situations/Gore/Sexual Brutality
For Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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