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MATCHLESS (1967) Patrick O'Neal/Nicoletta Machiavelli
MATCHLESS (1967) Patrick O\'Neal/Nicoletta Machiavelli


also known as MISSION TS [Mission Top Secret] (see poster below)

director: Alberto Lattuada
starring: Patrick O'Neal · Ira Furstenberg · Donald Pleasence · Nicoletta Machiavelli · Henry Silva


  While incarcerated in a Chinese prison, a secret agent named Perry 'Matchless' Liston befriends a dying old man who - to repay kindness - gives him a ring. But this is no ordinary ring. It actually has the power to make the person wearing it invisible for a short period of time, once every 10 hours. Of course, both the Chinese and American military want the ring. They attempt to steal it from him. But Perry is on a secret mission in pursuit of an evil criminal and he must do everything he can to stay focused.
The Matchless title was meant to be a spoof of the James Coburn Flint spy series. But unfortunately the joke was lost on most moviegoers. However, it does work as a James Bond lampoon with an odd Invisible Man plotline. Patrick O'Neal [who incidentally was once considered as a possible Bond but then rejected because of his involvement with this film] plays Perry 'Matchless' Liston. O'Neal was an actor who appeared on stage (winning a Tony for Gingerbread Man), a dozen films and an impressive 40 years of television work. He died from respiratory failure [cancer and tuberculosis] at age 66, September 1994.


An Italian Film in English language; widescreen, uncut (104 min.),
in DVD format, encoded for ALL REGIONS, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include selected theatrical trailers.


Violence/SemiNudity/Sexual Situations
Recommended For Mature Audiences

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