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(293) DIRTY LOVE (1988) Valentine Demy | Joe D'Amato directs
(293) DIRTY LOVE (1988) Valentine Demy | Joe D\'Amato directs

also known as SEXY DANCING

director: Joe D'Amato (born Aristide Massaccesi)
starring: Valentine Demy Cully Holland Chuck Peyton Rick Munroe Cleo Lori Laura Gemser (Cameo)

Valentine Demy plays Terry Jones [was this Joe D'Amato's salute to the Monty Python member or just a coincidence?], a young woman who leaves her rural American life behind - along with her boyfriend - to find success on Broadway. This type of story is an attractive template for Joe D'Amato where his characters aren't asked to grow emotionally, but rather to simply enjoy an unfiltered natural progression to success. Their development is akin to colorful fish in an aquarium swimming aimlessly and undirected yet appearing to be strangely distinctive. That's Terry Jones. She soon finds that her body brings her into contact with many facets of the show biz lifeline. With little emotional effort [and lots of vapid physical exercising], she can make it to the top.

Interestingly, Terry Jones is not a very likable character. Sure, she's great to look at. At this point in Valentine Demy's career, she was one of Europe's most attractive starlets. But she had the tendency to play bitchy characters. In this film, she is erratic, unreliable and even malicious. For example, in the opening segment, when she says goodbye to her boyfriend at the train station, Terry promises not to cheat on him. But that oath is quickly forgotten even before she gets to NYC. As the film unspools, she lies to her parents, turns on friends, and generally fucks over anybody who can no longer help her. Yet, Terry survives - even thrives - for the conclusion. Perhaps, that's ultimately D'Amato's message.

Cinematographer Aristide Massaccesi changed his name to Joe D'Amato in 1973 (with LIVIA VIRGIN FOR THE EMPIRE) and began a career which amassed almost 200 films. This one - conceptually a Grindhouse adaptation of Dirty Dancing - is very similar to his other movies from this period [WEB OF DESIRE, 11 DAYS 11 NIGHTS, TOP MODEL, WOMAN'S SECRET and HOT VOODOO AFTERNOON. Mr Massaccesi died from a heart attack in January 1999 at age 62.

Incidentally, his muse Laura Gemser also appears here [uncredited] as the Massage Girl who initiates the lesbian sequence with Ms Demy [see pic, top of page, right].

An Italian film in English language, 88 min,
fullscreen, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include selection of Joe D'Amato theatrical trailers.

Nudity/Strong Sexual Situations/Violence

Intended for Adult Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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