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COCKROACH TIDE [Khepri] (2020) Zina Blahusova stars
COCKROACH TIDE [Khepri] (2020) Zina Blahusova stars

original Chinese title KHEPRI ZHANG CHAO [Zhepri Cockroach Tide]

director: Cai Yanlong and Channel Cho
starring: Zina Blahusova Edwin Gerard Jiang Yixuan Jia Jin Xu Shaowu

As the human population grows, more and more garbage is produced at an alarming rate. Environmental protection company KHEPRI develops a gene-fusion technology to create super cockroaches that will quickly eliminate excessive garbage. The newly bread creatures are safe and controllable... until they aren't.

This is one of the better 'creature features' to emerge from China recently [also see SNOW MONSTER and BIG OCTOPUS, et al]. However - unlike the others - this one doesn't feature a giant malformation (even though it's promoted that way by the DVD cover). Rather, the monster is hundreds... no thousands... of indestructible, uncontrollable flesheating cockroaches.

Perhaps the biggest surprise here is the effective cast, headlined by the very young Zina Blahusova from the Czech Republic. She made her acting debut as the girl in Eli Roth's Hostel back in 2005. Zina is also the lead singer for the Japanese new-wave band Element-Z.

A Chinese film, some English spoken, with Chinese and English subtitles; widescreen format,
uncut 89 minutes, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT.
Extras include original theatrical trailer.

Sexual Situation/Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality
Intended For Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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