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Ninjascope: Magic Sword of Watari (1967) Junji Kurata [Akakage]
Ninjascope: Magic Sword of Watari (1967) Junji Kurata [Akakage]


original Japanese title KAMEN NO NINJA AKA-KAGE [Masked Ninja Red Shadow] (TV Series)
English [Motion Picture] title NINJASCOPE: MAGIC SWORD OF WATARI

director: Junji Kurata
starring: Yuzaburo Sakaguchi · Yoshinobu Kaneko · Fuyukichi Maki · Makiko Suehiro · Keiko Shima


Kamen No Ninja Aka-Kage [Masked Ninja Red Shadow] was a half-hour live-action ninja series, in color, that appeared on Japanese TV for the 1967-68 seasons [52 episodes]. It was Toei's first tokusatsu (special FX) television production, with installments helmed by a variety of directors, but mostly Junki Kurata [perhaps better known for various Zatôichi entries in the '70s]. This rather lengthy movie - 125 minutes - is a collection of numerous TV episodes.

The main heroes are a trio of gaudy ninjas, led by the dashing Red Shadow (Yuzaburo Sakaguchi), easily recognized by his red mask and hard-as-a-rock jet black hair. His young sidekick is Blue Shadow (played by Yoshinobu Kaneko); he is called Watari here to capitalize on International popularity ignited by a starring role in two Taiwanese fantasies. There's also an older ninja named White Shadow (Fuyukichi Maki). Together, they fight armies of swordsmen, dark ninjas and super-villains, as well as variety of giant monsters. There's also a subplot dealing with a strange religious cult controlled by the Golden Eye God and his evil influence on the country.



Theatrical release of a Japanese film, in dubbed English language; fullscreen format, (125 min.),
in DVD format, encoded for ALL REGIONS, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include selected theatrical trailers.


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