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Prostitutes Love the Police (1978) First CAT III Film!
Prostitutes Love the Police (1978) First CAT III Film!

A Hong Kong Rarity! The First Category III Film


original Hong Kong title: JINU AI JINGCHA [Prostitutes Love the Police]

director: Tommy Loo (Lu Chin-Ku)
starring: Meg Lam David Lo Ching Tang Lau Chan Pa Sha Li Si Ching Peter Chen Lau


Lili Lobo, a cop fired after a raid on a brothel, befriends a prostitute named Lisa. She is unhappy with her pimp Loh and convinces Lili Lobo to take the job. With the two of them growing closer as friends and lovers, he becomes disgruntled with the constant parade of men poking his girlfriend. To solve the emotional problem, Lili Lobo decides to disguise himself as an elusive Triad boss who becomes her customer, throwing huge money at her for a platonic relationship. Things become complicated when Lili Lobo must secretly take a night job (as a sewage worker) to raise the money for his 'rich character' to pay Lisa. But that's only the beginning of escalating trouble between the two.

In 1988, the Hong Kong Motion Picture Rating System officially adopted the Category III moniker to identify films that must be considered "Beyond Restricted" for adults over the age of 18. Prior to 1988, the Hong Kong Theaters Association issued their own CAT III restriction to certain films that were deemed "taboo-breaking" and viewable by adults only. Officially, this film was the first to receive the restrictive rating, followed by LEWD LIZARD in 1979 and THE BEASTS in 1980.

Director Lu Chiu-Ku (Tommy Loo) spent 20+ years in the Hong Kong motion picture business, working both as an actor (30 films) and director (24 movies) between 1973-1994. His work in front of the camera - usually under the pseudonym Chun Lu - consisted mostly of action films and martial arts movies. As a director, he drifted to horror and supernatural fare. One of his first projects in the director's chair was BLACK MAGIC CURSE in 1975; he is best known for the eye-popping HOLY VIRGIN VS THE EVIL DEAD and the lesbian revenge flick THE LADY PUNISHER.

Please note: this print suffers from occasionally troublesome subtitles. As typical with movies from this period, longer English translations are sometimes chopped on the sides.


A Hong Kong film with burnt Chinese and English subtitles; widescreen format, uncut (90 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include selected trailers.


Violence/SemiNudity/Sexual Situations/Prostitution
For Adult Audiences

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