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(659) SORE LOSERS (1997) Space Aliens Eat Hippies! Guitar Wolf!
(659) SORE LOSERS (1997) Space Aliens Eat Hippies! Guitar Wolf!

They Wanted Meat... So They Ate Hippies
Delinquents and Amazons from Outer Space come to Memphis to Kill Flower Children.

director: J Michael McCarthy
starring: Jack Yarber Kerine Elkins Mike Maker D'Lana Tunnell Guitar Wolf Bass Wolf Drum Wolf

Back in 1997, bad distribution kept SORE LOSERS from getting the attention it deserved. Or perhaps, the world wasn't ready for it. Maybe time isn't right today either. But - nevertheless - you can finally see J Michael McCarthy's controversial motion picture by way of imported DVD. Here is a beautiful copy of this underground thrill show.

Set in present day Tennessee, space alien Blackie returns to Earth to complete his mission. It's been 42 years since his first visit and he's been given a second chance to finish his job of killing twelve selected Earthlings. Blackie hooks up with his friend Mike and the women, Kerine and Goliatha. In their lust for killing hippies, too many turn up dead, thirteen instead of 12. The police from outer space show up - played by Japanese rockers Guitar Wolf (see WILD ZERO for their own movie) - and they kidnap Kerine and plan to execute her for the murder mayhem.

This film has been described as a CRAMPS song come to life. That just about says it all. There's never been anything quite like it.

An American film; fullscreen, totally uncut version (90 min.), in English language, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine. Extras include various trailers.

Adult Material/Nudity/Gore/Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality:
For Mature Audiences Only

Sale Price: $19.50
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