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(655) THIEF, THE RAPIST & TWO WOMEN (1991) Argentinean Roughie
(655) THIEF, THE RAPIST & TWO WOMEN (1991) Argentinean Roughie

Legendary Erotic Roughie from Argentina

Original Argentinean/Spanish Title:
[The Thief, the Rapist, and Two Women]
also known as: UN MAGNIFICO FIN DE SEMANA [A Magnificent Weekend]

director: Gustavo Ghirardi
starring: Marrela La Barca Silvia Korn Romualdo Quiroga Hugo Maro Jorge Schubert

During a robbery, two thieves - Hugo and Jorge - lose control and viciously kill two people. However, they manage to escape with a briefcase of US Dollars. Before they can reach safety, their car breaks down. The two criminals decide to take refuge in a local home on the outskirts as they wait for their auto to get repaired. They choose a house with a For Sale sign in the yard and pretend to be buyers. The place is owned by two young lesbians, Susanna and Marcela, struggling with money problems. The girls attempt to be hospitable but soon realize their lives are in danger. Marcela concocts a plan for survival that ends up stimulating Jorge into a rape frenzy.

This is one of the better 'Chada Movies.' In South American, especially Brazil and Argentina, the Chadas [a nickname for erotic adult films called Pornochanchada Movies] were popular between 1977-2000. Similar to Japan's Pink films or America's Roughies, most were not hardcore (XXX) but rather 'taboos productions' with emphasis on sex, nudity and violence. Virtually nothing is off limits; the plots often delve into rape, misogyny, bestiality, sexual brutality, necrophilia, water-sports, and adolescent sex. Some of the best examples of this S.A. genre are LAS GUACHAS, VIOLENCE AND FLESH, DIABOLICAL VENGEANCE (XXX), ASSAULT AND RAPE ON 69th STREET and RAPISTS OF VIRGIN GIRLS.

An Argentinean film with optional English subtitles; fullscreen format,
uncut 71 minutes; DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT.

Graphic Violence/Nudity/Rape/Sexual Brutality
for Mature Audiences Only

Sale Price: $17.00
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