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(643) NAPLES SHOOTS! [Napoli Spara!] (1977) Excessively Violent
(643) NAPLES SHOOTS! [Napoli Spara!] (1977) Excessively Violent

One of the Most Violent of the Italian Crime Films

Original Italian Title: NAPOLI SPARA! [Naples Shoots!]
also known as WEAPONS OF DEATH

director: Mario Caiano
starring: Leonard Mann Henry Silva Evelyne Stewart Jeff Blynn Kristen Gille

Here's a fast paced Italian crime film, loaded with street violence, robberies, car chases and cops-vs-the underworld. It's generally considered one of the best examples of European Polizi, and serves as a perfect introduction to the genre. Director Caiano exploits the exotic Neapolitan backdrop, filling it with excessive brutality, including a constant swirl of bank-robberies, muggings and assaults. The cast is stellar, with perennial badguy Henry Silva as a slimy underworld boss who becomes overly ambitious by targeting a police money train in broad daylight plus, also on hand, there's brooding Spaghetti Western star Leonard Mann as the tireless detective in pursuit.

Mario Caiano's film has tons (albeit, an overload) of action, violence, and random explosions. It is easily one of the most violent of the '70s Italian crime films, punctuated by a memorable soundtrack from master Francesco De Masi. Filmmaker Caiano began directing in the late '50s, after learning his craft as a scriptwriter and assistant director. He made many successful Spaghetti Westerns in the '60s, but was best known for helming the Barbara Steele horror film LOVERS FROM THE TOMB (Nightmare Castle, Amanti D'Oltretomb). He would often use an alias, usually Alen Grunewald or William Hawkins for his movies. As Hawkins, he helmed NAZI LOVE CAMP 27, his last feature film before delving into the more lucrative television field. Mr Caiano died September 20, 2015 at 82 years.

An Italian production in English language; widescreen format (16:9),
uncut version (87 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine.
Extras include selected trailers.

Excessive Violence/Sexual Brutality
for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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