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(602) GREEN ELEPHANT (1999) Extreme X Cinema from Russia!
(602) GREEN ELEPHANT (1999) Extreme X Cinema from Russia!

The Images (and the Film Described) on this Page is for 18+ Only

original Russian title ZELYONYY SLONIK [Green Elephant]

director: Svetlana Baskova
starring: Sergey Pakhomov Vladimir Epifantsev Aleksandr Maslaev Anatoliy Osmolovskiy

This incredibly ugly, meanspirited Russian film is infamous Internationally for being exactly that... a vicious, disgusting, reprehensible excursion into the darkness region of human brutality. Essentially, it's the story of two Russian prisoners who are abused mentally, physically and sexually. One of them is already a bit unhinged and his mad ramblings are driving the other insane. The dimwitted man is berated constantly until he finally snaps. As the 'sane' one sleeps, he decides to shit on a plate, rub it all over his body and then force feed the rest of the poop-dish to the sleeper. The two are eventually taken to different quarters where the retarded one is forced to perform oral sex to a guard. At this point, the other prisoner finally breaks and kills the guard, rapes him and rips out his throat. The two decide to plays games with the body parts.

Notice: Here is a deeply offensive film. The whole thing has the horrible impact of a real atrocity. While some staunch critics have praised it as "an example of the highest human qualities: courage, honor, selflessness and male friendship" [Elapso] and others insist it is "a hopeless allegory on the state of the Russian army" [Lachian], the film can only be recommended for viewers with acquired tastes. Interestingly, director Svetlana Baskova is a female director who insists there is a feminist message hidden in the bowels of the deprivation. Regardless, it is one of numerous recent EXTREME films from the International marketplace [e.g., MELANCHOLY OF ANGELS, A SERBIAN FILM, SUBCONSCIOUS CRUELTY, et al].

A Russian film with English subtitles; fullscreen uncut (88 min.);
for ALL REGIONS, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include selected trailers.

Explicit Sexual Situations/Male Nudity/
Graphic Violence/Extreme Sexual Brutality
for Adult Audiences only

Sale Price: $19.50
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