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(584) SEX OF THE ANGELS (1968) Sex, Drugs and Mayhem
(584) SEX OF THE ANGELS (1968) Sex, Drugs and Mayhem

Three Girls Plan a Weekend of Sex and LSD on Daddy's Yacht

Original Italian title: SESSO DEGLI ANGELI [Sex of the Angels)

director: Ugo Liberatore
starring: Doris Kunstman Rosemarie Dexter Laura Troschel Bernhard De Vries Giovanni Petrucci

This film is a prime example of the International hippie phenomenon, a stunning example of the youth's drug-infused Counter- Culture Sixties. It's instantly reminiscent of TOUCHABLES mixed with hearty doses of TOP SENSATION [the Seducers]. Here's the story of three privileged, beautiful girls - Nora, Nancy and Carla - who have schemed their way onto (Nora's daddy's) magnificent yacht for a weekend jaunt. Their goal is to play for a few days in the Mediterranean while high on LSD. They also kidnap an innocent student named Marco for a secret, deadly agenda. He ends up with a bullet hole in his side and discovers the girls have no intention of helping him survive.

Ugo Liberatore was a successful scriptwriter from his early projects (MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN, 1960), through an impressive list of peplums (300 Spartans, 1962) and Spaghetti Westerns (HELLBENDERS, 1967). He retired from the business in after writing a made-for-TV movie, Morte a Contratto [Contract for Murder] in 1993 (at age 66). The film, SEX OF THE ANGELS, was his debut directing project followed by eight more including the acclaimed horror film DAMNED IN VENICE a decade later. Notices of his death circulated in 2011 but, as of this writing, it has not been confirmed.

An Italian film in English Language; widescreen format (16:9), totally uncut version (94 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include trailers.

Violence/Sexual Themes/Nudity/Rape/Sexual Brutality/Drugs
for Mature Audiences

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