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(558) SCREAM AT NIGHT (2005) Adrian Garcia Bogliano horror!
(558) SCREAM AT NIGHT (2005) Adrian Garcia Bogliano horror!


original Argentinean title GRITE UNA NOCHE [I Scream At Night]
also known as SCREAM THE NIGHT

director: Adrian Garcia Bogliano
starring: Laura Azcurra · Marina Glezer · Nadia Santamarta · Maria Fernanda Mateo


A group of seven schoolgirls face a night of death and blood in this controversial film from Adrian Garcia Bogliano. The story is set in the La Plata suburb of Buenos Aires where seven girls - four of them sisters - face problems that ultimately bring them together in one mad night linked to the Urban Legend of El Poeta. The film transcends the traditional horror classification as it mixes a palate of brutal violence, the supernatural, psychological terror, lesbian sex [and more] into a narrative that works perfectly.

Adrián García Bogliano was born July 1980 in Madrid, Spain. He moved to Argentina in 1996 for college and began working on a series of short films at that time. His debut feature film was ROOM FOR TOURISTS eight years later. This production followed in 2005, a movie that won top prize at Argentina's Rojo Sangre Film Festival. Adrian's popularity has continued to grow with an impressive filmography that includes 36 STEPS, I'LL NEVER DIE ALONE and COLD SWEAT. He and his brother Ramiro have also teamed with director Daniel de la Vega for movies like WHITE COFFIN.



An Argentinean film in Spanish with English subtitles; widescreen (16:9),
totally uncut version at 99 minutes, encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC,
playable on any American machine. Extras include selected trailers.


Strong Sexual Situations/Nudity/Graphic Violence
Lesbianism/Sexual Brutality
for Mature Audiences Only

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