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(513) WEB OF DESIRE (1991) Joe D'Amato with Kristine Rose
(513) WEB OF DESIRE (1991) Joe D\'Amato with Kristine Rose

original Italian title IL WEB DEL DESIDERIO

director: Joe D'Amato (born Aristide Massaccesi)
starring: Kristine Rose Ruth Collins Frederick Lewis Laura Gemser

Sarah Asproon, the character from D'Amato's previous 11 DAYS 11 NIGHTS (but this time played by Kristine Rose rather than Jessica Moore), is suffering from writer's block. It is a situation complicated by he demanding editor Jackie Forrest (Laura Gemser). Fortunately, she is diverted by the arrival of a mysterious envelope containing the will of a deceased lover, Sarah received instructions to enter his lavish home in New Orleans for the purpose of deciding which of his relatives is worthy of a massive inheritance.

In 1987 Joe D'Amato enjoyed a huge hit with his (aforementioned) 11 DAYS 11 NIGHTS. For the next few years he continued to tweak the story to include other 'adventures' of the central character Sarah Asproon. (Interestingly, each of the movies are credited to 'scripter Sarah Asproon' who - in these instances - is a pseudonym for director Claudio Fragasso.)

Cinematographer Aristide Massaccesi changed his name to Joe D'Amato in 1973 (with LIVIA VIRGIN FOR THE EMPIRE) and began a career which numbered more than 180 films, a wide collection of genre favorites which include [besides the well known classics like EMANUELLE IN AMERICA] DARK SEX, LOOK OF DESIRE, BLUE OMEGA, SEX AND BLACK MAGIC, WAR BABY, EMANUELLE AND FRANCOISE (with Bruno Mattei) and JUSTINE AND THE WHIP (with Jess Franco). Mr Massaccesi died from a heart attack in January 1999 at age 62-

An Italian film in English language with optional Greek subtitles;
fullscreen uncut (101 min.) version in DVD encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine; in English language.
Extras include theatrical trailer.

Violence/Nudity/Sexual Brutality/S&M
Recommended for Adult Audience

Sale Price: $17.50
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