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Mosquito on the 10th Floor (1983) Rare Japanese shocker
Mosquito on the 10th Floor (1983) Rare Japanese shocker

original Japanese title JUKKAI NO MOSUKITO

director: Yoichi Sai
starring: Yuya Uchida Ann Lewis
Reiko Nakamura Kyoko Koizumi Junko Miyashita Takeshi Kitano

Here is the infamous, tragic story of a simple but honest policeman who spins out-of-control when he realizes his life is on a dead-end collision course. He's a by-the-book field officer, stuck at sergeant-grade for decades due to his inability to advance by passing the required tests. His wife has divorced him and his daughter only visits to collect a few 'partying' dollars. The world changing around him but he personally remains out of touch, unable to cope with simplest of needs. Instead he turns to heavy drinking and gambling. In an attempt to 'connect,' this man purchases a computer but is clueless as to how it works and ends up playing the most simplistic video games. When daily expenses, alimony and gambling debts become overwhelming, he complicates his life even further by borrowing money from shady loan companies. The unrelenting psychological pressure transforms him from an honest cop into a mad rapist.

The film stars Yuya Uchida, an actor who had gained International attention earlier the same year as a strict commandant of a Japanese military prison in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence [which also starred David Bowie]. But Uchida is probably better known for his work with Koji Wakamatsu, especially the unsettling rape-thriller A POOL WITHOUT WATER (1982). However, in Japan, Yuya Uchida was best known as a rocker. He had dropped out of high school at age 17 and began a music career in 1957. He became friends with John Lennon after opening for The Beatles on their 1966 Japanese tour. While visiting Lennon the following year in London, Uchida attended a Jimi Hendrix concert and was blown away. He wanted to introduce a similar music to Japan; returning home, he formed Yuya Uchida and the Flower Traveling Band. Numerous successful albums of western-styled psychedelic music were released throughout the '70s. In addition, he recorded various tracks with the Ventures and Frank Zappa. In 1975, Uchida produced a traveling roadshow called World Rock Festival, comprised of International performers. After a lengthy tour, he produced an album Creation. Legal problems revolving around marijuana possession in 1978, found him out of commission for a while. A few years later, Uchida was arrested again when he pulled a knife on a music promoter for paying foreign artists more money than the Japanese ones. For the next three decades, he made a career of acting, until his death from pneumonia in March 2019, at age 79.

The rest of the cast for this film enjoy rather meaty cameos. Popular singer Ann Lewis is the girl with pink stockings, the cop's first rape victim. Reiko Nakamura (from LUCKY SKY DIAMOND) plays another of his victims, and Yuki Kazamatsuri (ZOOM UP: BEAVER BOOK) is yet another. This is the acting debut for Kyko Koizumi (from SURVIVE STYLE 5) as the cop's daughter Rie. Nikkatsu queen Junko Miyashita (WATCHER IN THE ATTIC) is the owner of the bar and legendary Beat Takeshi Kitano plays a gambling husker. Here is the debut film for Japanese-born Korean Yoichi Sai, the award winning director.

A Japanese film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles;
fullscreen uncut (108 min.) in DVD encoded for ALL REGION,
playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include theatrical trailer.

Violence/Nudity/Rape/Sexual Brutality
Recommended for Adult Audience

Sale Price: $17.50
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