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Tattoo [Spider Tattoo] (1968) Yasuzo Masumura
Tattoo [Spider Tattoo] (1968) Yasuzo Masumura

A Dazzling Tale of Lust and the Extremes of Love
Another Masterpiece from the director of BLIND BEAST


Original Japanese Title: IREZUMI [Tattoo]
also known as THE SPIDER TATTOO

director: Yasuzo Masumura
starring: Ayako Wakao ·
Akio Hasegawa · Gaku Yamamoto · Kei Satô · Jun Fujikawa


A beautiful but strong-headed young woman from a middle-class family is abducted into a geisha house. Her pimp forcibly tattoos the image of a spider on her back (thus ensuring that she will never be able to leave the job of prostitution. She eventually accepts her fate but Otsuya becomes hell-bent on vengeance against all men, especially those who possess her body. She takes advantage of her position in the brothel and begins a campaign of bloody vengeance. Meanwhile - as Otsuya thrives in a corrupt, yet elegant, life - former lover Yoshiwara is prowling the red districts of Yoshiwara looking for her.
   This is beautiful film, with vibrant cinematography that somehow is even more accentuated by the prolific bloody action and the over-the-top denouement. Here is an absolute gem from the classic epoch of Japanese cinema. Perhaps it is not as maniac as director Yasuzo Masumura's BLIND BEAST nor as significant as his RED ANGEL. But it's audacious while being bold, bright and beautiful. Mr Masumura, who originally studied film and philosophy in Rome during the '50s after getting a law degree from Tokyo University, died from a cerebral hemorrhage November 1986, at age 62.



A Japanese film, with English subtitles; widescreen format,
uncut (86 minutes), extras include theatrical trailer.

Nudity/Sexual Brutality/Violence
for Mature Audiences

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