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Kirei? The Terror of Beauty (2004) Katsuya Matsumura
Kirei? The Terror of Beauty (2004) Katsuya Matsumura

Nihilistic Horror from the director of the ALL NIGHT LONG series


Original Japanese Title: KIREI? [Beautiful?]

director: Katsuya Matsumura
starring: Yukiko Okamoto
Asuka Kurosawa Kota Kusano Mami Nakara


Dr Yoko Nogguchi is a successful plastic surgeon with a peculiar patient, a psychologically unbalanced young woman named Yoshie. She is everything that Yoko is not: ugly, self-conscious, and timid. However - somehow - she does have a lot of cash for reconstructive surgery. Dr Yoko, realizing a huge windfall, agrees to work after-hours on Yoshie's face after-hours. But when the face is not enough, the surgeon gets caught-up in Yoshie's delusions and things go off-the-rails. The two lead actresses have both enjoyed careers in Japanese cult films, Yasuzo Masmurmura starred in DEATH PENALTY.COM and TALES OF THE UNUSUAL, while Asuka Kurosawa is best known for SNAKE OF JUNE. This movie is based on the controversial book by feminist Kei Yuikawa.

Before director Katsuya Matsumura became known for his stark nihilistic horror, he was a respected award-winning documentary filmmaker. After graduating from college in 1985, Katsuya made a movie about the pollution problem in Japan's Doroku district. It which won the grand prize at the Mainichi Film Festival in 1988. He used the award movie to finance ALL NIGHT LONG (1992). In late '94, he began researching and shooting the grisly CONCETE-ENCASED HIGH SCHOOL GIRL MURDER CASE. While working on that film he also directed a fictionalize account of that ghastly murder, released later as ALL NIGHT LONG 2: ATROCITY. The All Night Long franchise continued successfully into 2009 (see ALL NIGHT LONG 3, ALL NIGHT LONG 4: INITIAL O, ALL NIGHT LONG 5 [R] and ALL NIGHT LONG 6: ANYONE AT RANDOM).



A Japanese film, with English subtitles; widescreen format,
uncut (85 minutes), extras include theatrical trailer.

Graphic Violence/Nudity/Drugs/Gore
for Mature Audiences

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